A Little About Me

I live in Arizona with my husband and our pets
which include a cat, dog and bird.
I am a bit shy and it is difficult for me to talk to strangers in person,
but with the internet, you canít shut me up!

In sharing a bit about myself, I would like to mention my faith
and how God has carried me through some difficult times.
I am a breast cancer survivor and I live with Multiple Sclerosis.
I am grateful that God is with me on this journey.

I keep a prayer journal next to my computer and if you are in need,
I would be honored to hold you in prayer ~
My hope for those who read this is that you realize
no matter how difficult a situation is,
it's so much easier to bear when you allow the Lord to guide your path.

  He will cover you with His feathers
       And under His wings you will find refuge.
Psalm 91:4